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Do you have family days out, go to the Theatre or Live events?

Then why not reduce your costs by 25% using our Subsidy Scheme.


After the recent NEZRA Annual General Meeting and due to the present Cost of Living Crisis, it was decided to relaunch our Subsidy Scheme.

The original scheme has been enhanced and now includes subsidies being given towards attending either “live performances” (held at recognised venues) or “attractions and events”.

There obviously has to be some guidelines involved within the scheme which are: -


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Welcome to The NEZRA Web site (please book mark this page straight away).

NEZRA is a 'membership' based organisation, our membership base covers a greater number of people within, as well as outside BT, thereby increasing the possibility of increased membership and funding.

It is possible for all ex-BT people to become members, which includes pensioners and people in businesses that were formerly part of BT.

A Standing Order facility is in place enabling payment of NEZRA subscriptions without having to rely on the 'deductions from pay' method. (see under the Membership banner for an application form).

Membership of NEZRA not only offers the chance to participate in events, such as Family Fun Days, trips and sporting challenges, but also great opportunities to win prizes in our lottery (NEZRAlot), currently around £10,000 each year. NEZRA members are automatically entered into NEZRALOT draws.

It should not be forgotten that it is volunteers who run NEZRA and they do an excellent job bringing events within reach of it's members.

I look forward to a bright future with NEZRA - it's all about taking part and having fun.

Derek Richardson

Chairman (NEZRA)